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DUI charges are extremely serious in any circumstances and the penalties can be severe. If someone has been seriously injured or killed in an accident caused by an impaired driver, the stakes become even higher.

DUI manslaughter is a second degree felony and is punishable by up to fifteen years in prison. DUI manslaughter carries a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 4 years and a mandatory lifetime driver's license revocation if convicted.

Other factors can further affect the penalties imposed:
  • DUI/Manslaughter: Second Degree Felony (not more than $10,000 fine and/or 15 years imprisonment)
  • DUI Manslaughter/Leaving the Scene: A driver convicted of DUI Manslaughter who knew/should have known accident occurred; and failed to give information or render aid is guilty of a First Degree Felony (not more than $10,000 fine and/or 30 years imprisonment)
  • Vehicular Homicide: Second Degree Felony (not more than $10,000 fine and/or 15 years imprisonment)
  • Vehicular Homicide/Leaving the Scene: A driver convicted of vehicular homicide who left the scene of an accident is guilty of a First Degree Felony (nor more than $10,000 fine and/or 30 years imprisonment)
When you hire a firm to represent you in a DUI Manslaughter case, there must be a plan of action to immediately preserve critical evidence and to build a strong defense. This includes evidence preservation, witness interviews, and hiring the right experts.

Your defense attorney will investigate all angles of your case to find possible weaknesses in the case that may allow them to argue or negotiate for reduced charges or penalties or, if appropriate, the dismissal of charges altogether.

Some of the issues that will be addressed and which can help to create a viable challenge to the charges:
  • Whether the defendant was the driver of the vehicle in question
  • Whether the defendant/driver was intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident
  • Whether the defendant's/driver's use of alcohol caused the accident
  • Whether the defendant's/driver's car was involved in the accident, which may be in doubt in hit and run cases
Some of the evidence that will be examined in building a strong defense:
  • Evidence from the accident scene, including physical evidence, photos of the scene and the vehicle's interior, measurements, and street markings
  • Identification of the driver involved in the accident
  • Testimony from a crash investigator/crash reconstructionist
  • Expert witness testimony on the question of the event was a crime or an accident , based on whether the driver's use of alcohol was the proximate cause of the crash


Serious charges such as DUI vehicular manslaughter require the attention and expertise of competent, dedicated DUI legal representation. A Seminole County DUI attorney with experience in handling DUI manslaughter and homicide cases can help you devise the best defense strategy to protect your rights and your future.

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