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If you have been arrested for DUI in Seminole County, you have 10 days to preserve your driving privileges. You must act quickly or face mandatory hard-time suspension of your driver's license (no driving at all) for at least six months, depending on circumstances. It is important that you take immediate action to preserve your ability to drive to and from work. Losing your license can have serious consequences, including losing your job if you are unable to drive yourself to and from work.

If your license has not been previously suspended for an alcohol-related offense, you may benefit from a new law (effective July 1, 2013) that will allow you to immediately reinstate your driving privileges. You must sign up for the appropriate level DUI school, be ID compliant (verify citizenship and residency requirements to DMV) and file a Request for Eligibility Review at the appropriate DMV office. This must all be completed within ten days following the date of your DUI arrest. This will enable you to immediately apply for a hardship hearing, reinstate your driver's license, and avoid any hard-time suspension.

There may be circumstances, such as previous DUI charges, that will require you to apply for a formal hearing to avoid losing your driving privileges. If your license was valid when you are arrested, your DUI ticket will serve as a temporary driving permit for 10 days following the date of your arrest. During these 10 days you must file for a request for a formal review hearing at the DHSMV office in the county of your arrest.

When you file for a formal hearing review, you will be issued a temporary driving permit for 42 days from your filing date. This 42 day temporary driving permit is valid for Business Purposes Only (BPO). You will be assigned a date to contest your administrative driver's license suspension.

If you win the formal review hearing, your license will be reinstated, the administrative DUI suspension will be permanently erased from your driving record and you will have full driving privileges.

An experienced Seminole County DUI attorney can help you navigate the process of protecting your driving privileges, whether you waive a formal hearing or request a formal hearing review with the DMV. Legal representation can help you keep your driver's license and get assistance with other vehicle related issues related to DUI, such as Vehicle Impoundment and Ignition Interlock problems.

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