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While you may be concerned that it impossible to avoid a drunk driving conviction, there are valid defenses available for DUI charges.
  • Challenge the Stop
  • Challenge the Field Sobriety Tests
  • Challenge the Breathalyzer Results
  • Suppress Your Statements

There may be factors that render the stop or subsequent arrest illegal. The law enforcement officer may not have had a valid suspicion for a stop or may have failed to properly inform you of the implied consent law.


Field Sobriety Tests can also be challenged. You may have physical conditions that negatively affect your ability to perform these tests or the officer may not be properly trained to administer them.


Based on the details of your particular situation, it may be possible to challenge the results of any breath, blood or urine test and have those results thrown out of evidence. Breath tests are strictly regulated; the proper machine must be used, it must be properly calibrated, the administrator must be properly trained, and the test itself must only be administered under very specific conditions. There are are several factors such as eating, drinking, smoking, belching, or vomiting in the 20 minutes prior to the test that can invalidate it.


While a law enforcement officer is not required to inform you of your Miranda rights prior to arrest, it is possible that any statements you made during the stop can be suppressed. This is most often based on violation of your right to remain silent or Florida's Accident Report Privilege.


A DUI lawyer will work closely with you to determine the best strategy for YOUR case. Consult with an experienced Seminole County DUI attorney who can analyze your case and aggressively defend you in your drunk driving case. Competent, quality legal representation is the key to executing a strong defense that could result in dismissal of DUI charges, minimization of penalties, or acquittal in court.


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